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Brown Law Firm Professional Corporation is a boutique law firm practicing family law, and providing comprehensive related services.

By maintaining this single focus, we can best provide our clients with high quality service at a reasonable price.

We work in partnership with our clients, tailoring both the process and solutions to their individual needs.


About The Firm

Our Approach

While the needs of each family may be unique, we approach each case with a few simple principles:

  • Take a straight forward and practical approach for real results.
  • Provide candid legal advice to our clients.
  • Continually assess and reassess our positions based on the available evidence and legal trends.
  • Treat the parties involved with dignity and respect, even if we don’t always agree.


Your Rights and Obligations Towards the Matrimonial Home

By Valerie L. Brown of Brown Law Firm Professional Corporation

There are many separating spouses that are able to make decisions regarding their family’s future together in a timely and amicable manner. Some are able to do this cooperatively and without the assistance of lawyers or mediators. Others need some assistance. The result is a plan going forward which is usually incorporated into a Separation Agreement. Both spouses participate in the negotiation of the Agreements and retain control over the outcome.

However, when one or both spouses are unable to act reasonably, discuss issues, and work together to resolve those issues even with the assistance of lawyers and mediators (and even financial and family professionals,) it may be necessary to have a judge or arbitrator make decisions for them. This can significantly delay resolution of important issues, sometimes for years. More