Annual Child Support Adjustments

By Valerie L. Brown of Brown Law Professional Corporation

By now, most people will have filed their taxes and have received their Notices of Assessments setting out their income for the past year.  For separated and divorced parents, this often means sending a copy to the ex-spouse to review and adjust child support. For some, this can mean unwanted contact and conflict, or the hassle of financial disclosure and paperwork.

To help, the Ministry of the Attorney General has an affordable and efficient online service to assist parents in setting, or adjusting, the amount of child support they pay, without going to Court.

This online service is ideal for parents who:

  • reside in Ontario,
  • have T4’d income under $150,000 annually, and are not self-employed,
  • have children under the age of 18,
  • have children who reside with one parent the majority of the time (i.e. the children are not residing with the parents in a split or shared custody arrangement)

Both parents must consent to use the service when setting it up initially.  Alternatively, a parent can use it where child support has already been Court Ordered.

If a parent who has previously used the service or has a Court Order objects to using the service, they must do so within 25 days.  If they do not, the service may assume there has been an increase in income, and the risk is that such increased income will be used to calculate the new amount of support.

If a parent object, then the new amount of support may be determined through a Court process.

For more information about this online service, click here.

To learn if your family is suitable for this service, or to explore other child support issues, please contact us for a half price consultation.


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