Fees: Legal Consultation

We require all potential clients to participate in a legal consultation. We offer a half-price, one hour consultation fee. Thereafter, our regular hourly rates apply. Clients are expected to pay the balance of the initial consultation at the end of the meeting.

During the legal consultation, we gather background facts about your case. We identify issues and provide general information about how those issues are dealt with and the range of possible outcomes. We also explore which process choice is right for you.

We understand that the relationship between a family law lawyer and you is an important one. We see the initial consultation as an opportunity to get to know each other and determine whether there is a basis for a good working relationship.

Fees: Retainer

If you decide Brown Law Firm is the right fit for you, we require a financial retainer which will vary based on the stage of the case and complexity. Additional funds may be required thought out the process. The hourly rates of our family lawyers are extremely competitive and range from $250 to $375 per hour.