Online Divorce has Arrived in Ontario…sort of

By Valerie L. Brown of Brown Law Firm Professional Corporation

Cake topper with bride and groom facing away from each other. Divorce in OntarioIf you live in Peel Region, Hamilton, Ottawa, or Toronto and you (and your ex) want a divorce, then you may wish to consider filing for your Divorce online!  The Ministry of the Attorney General is running a pilot project in these areas for the filing of Joint Applications for Divorce.  Such Applications cannot deal with other issues, such as children’s issues, or financial matters.

A similar pilot project was launched in the UK last fall with mixed results; 4 out of 10 joint Applicants needed help completing their forms correctly, and ended up having to physically attend the Court House, or obtain legal assistance.

Filling out Forms does NOT equal Legal Advice

The ability to file for a Divorce online should not be considered a substitute to proper legal advice.  Usually, Divorce is the technical reward to what is otherwise a complex and emotional family process, involving other issues and rights.

The Effect of Divorce

Divorce is not simply a license to get remarried.  In fact, a Divorce may be the last thing your want.  Divorce may unintentionally affect important rights, such as:

  • entitlement to extended health and dental benefits,
  • succession planning, and
  • triggering limitation periods for other claims

Divorce not Guaranteed

You may also be ineligible for a Divorce, even if you and your ex both want a Divorce, if appropriate arrangements have not been made for your child(ren)’s support.  If you have adult children or income determination issues, you may need the assistance and advice of a lawyer.  However, in simpler cases, you may be eligible for the online child support service to help you address that issue.

Affordable Advice is Just a Click Away

To learn more about what a Divorce might mean to you, contact us for a half price consultation.  There is no commitment on your part.


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