Online Resources for Separating Families

By Valerie L. Brown of Brown Law Firm Professional Corporation

laptop keyboardSeparation is not something people plan to do.  People plan to buy a house, to get married, to have children.  They can mentally and financially prepare for these events by doing research, saving etc.  However, for many people, separation is unexpected and unwelcome, and it thrusts them into a state of uncertainty…about everything! Many don’t know where to even begin.

For those who find themselves in a separation, but not knowing what to do or to expect, and who may not yet be ready or able to see a lawyer, an excellent resource and starting point is Canadian Legal Education Ontario .  While not a substitute for legal advice regarding the particular circumstances for your family, this online resource offers a helpful general step by step road map for both out of court solutions, as well as what to expect if you go to court.

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